Vaccination Campaign To Continue During Eid Holidays

The Head of the Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah, affirmed that the rate of occupancy of Covid 19 patients in the wards are stable, Al Qabas daily reported. He noted there is also a relative decrease in the positive Covid-19 results of those checked during the epidemiological surveys held in various governorates with the exception of Al-Jahra.

Al-Jarallah tweeted on his Twitter account that the vaccination campaign will continue during the Eid holidays as scheduled for the dates given to people, and noted that the cautious breakthrough and the gradual opening of various activities in the country will be in accordance with health requirements and the immunization strategy, which will also include the performing of Eid prayers in mosques with adherence to health precautions.



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