Virus Continues To Mutate Despite Increase In Vaccination Campaign

Campaigns are ongoing to vaccinate the target population against coronavirus, but the virus continues to mutate causing concern in various countries that have been taking additional measures to curb its spread, reports Al-Rai daily. After discovering a number of covid variants — most notably the UK, South African and Brazilian variants, researchers recently announced a new strain called ‘double mutant’ which emerged in India. It is a combination of two variants and believed to have played a significant role in the remarkable increase in the number of corona cases in India in the last few weeks.

While many researchers and scientists in India are conducting studies and investigations to monitor the effect of coronavirus vaccines, particularly their effectiveness in eradicating the new strain, the Indian government announced that analysis of samples collected from Maharashtra, West India showed an increase in the E484Q and L452R mutations in a section of these samples, compared to the rate of increase in December last year. It also clarified that there is no relationship between the new mutations and the high rate of infections in India. In a related development, the British health authorities issued a statement on Thursday announcing the discovery of dozens of infections with the new strain of the virus which emerged for the first time in India.

Professor at New York Medical University and President of St. Joseph University Hospital Dr Bob Lahita said that coronavirus mutations have been expected since the beginning of the outbreak. He explained that some viruses “mutate several times a year, including the infl uenza virus; and multiple mutations may change covid-19 for it is one of the endemic diseases, which means it will require a new vaccine every year.”



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