WhatsApp” Begins To Restrict Its Services To Those Who Refused To Update The Usage Agreement

The administration of the Facebook platform “WhatsApp” has begun the procedures for gradually restricting some services, including the exchange of messages and communications, to users who have refused the updated use agreement.

On May 11, the company published a report stating that notifications of the need to approve the update will not be rejected within several weeks, «and from this time WhatsApp services will be restricted until the update is accepted», indicating that the time period will be different for users.

The company indicated that users who would refuse to authenticate the updated agreement will be denied access to the mailing list and respond to communications.

The “WhatsApp” administration had previously announced that it had signed a usage agreement, in which it added a clause on the transfer of users ’personal data to“ Facebook ”that includes this application, in order to analyze their preferences and habits in the interest of the other platforms of the company.

This action sparked anger and resentment among WhatsApp users all over the world, as they began to cancel their registration on this platform, and moved to other social networking applications, especially Telegram.



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