Woman Passenger Claims Fire To Get Off Train In Egypt

A woman passenger had claimed a fire had erupted aboard a train in a southern Egyptian city in order to stop it and allow her to get off at her destination, a local newspaper reported.

The train was on a journey to the southern city of Aswan when the woman pulled off an emergency brake after she claimed there was a fire, the online newspaper Al Youm Al Saba said.

Investigations revealed she wanted to get off at a station in the southern city of Qena where the train was not scheduled there.

Her ploy forced the train to stop, but the rail service was not disrupted, according to a source at the National Railways Authority.

The train resumed its journey and legal procedures were taken against the woman and other passengers involved in the violation, the source added.

In March, two trains collided in Sohag, another southern city, killing 22 people.




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